Highlights From PM Springfest 2024

PM Springfest gave us the opportunity to share ways Canadian property managers can break free from daily tasks and focus on high-impact strategies for scaling their business. Eric Butler - Account Executive

In May, the Yardi team took the stage at PM Springfest, held at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. Organized by Informa, this annual event brought together leaders and experts to discuss latest trends and innovations in property management.

Yardi was thrilled to return as the title sponsor of the show, while Breeze Premier sponsored the Innovation Stage.

Keep reading to discover key insights from the event.

The sessions offered diverse perceptions, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Here are some takeaways:

1. Zero-carbon buildings: An eye-opening session on transforming offices into zero-carbon buildings demonstrated how companies are reimagining spaces to reduce carbon footprints. For instance, initiatives such as retrofitting buildings with solar panels, energy-efficient lighting and advanced HVAC systems were highlighted. One notable example was the transformation of Scotia Plaza on 100 Yonge St. in Toronto. This project achieved great results, including over a 50% reduction in energy consumption, more than an 80% reduction in carbon emissions and over a 40% reduction in utility spend. This captivated the audience, showcasing innovative approaches to sustainable architecture.

2. Environmental initiatives: Another session delved into various sustainability projects, covering waste management and other eco-friendly initiatives. For example, the discussion referenced the Bahrain World Trade Centre, which integrates wind turbines into its design to generate renewable energy for the building. This innovative approach to combining commercial space with sustainable energy solutions resonated with previous talks on global warming and environmental stewardship, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices.

3. Next Gen of Property Managers: As technology continues to shape the industry, the competition for skilled professionals remains fierce. This session explored the shifting demographics in property management, emphasizing effective strategies for attracting and retaining new talent. The discussion was divided into two parts. First, empowering younger talent to prepare and maximize their impact. Second, motivating people leaders. One thing was evident: this next wave of property managers is highly tech-savvy.

Toronto city buildings and a picture of Eric Butler and Ethan Sheffer at PM Springfest representing the Yardi booth

Our own session, titled “Boosting Efficiency and Growth: A Case Study on Rimrock Property Management’s Success,” was really interesting, if we do say so ourselves. Account Executive Eric Butler delivered a stellar presentation on the Canadian client case study, highlighting the benefits of using Yardi Breeze Premier. Rimrock Property Management, a fast-growing real estate operator in Alberta, demonstrated how our integrated technology can drive efficiency and growth for property management companies.

The case study highlighted Rimrock’s growth, expanding from 150 to over 500 units in a short period. This rapid growth shows Breeze Premier helps small and mid-sized property managers streamline operations, improve tenant communications and optimize resources. Such success stories are a testament to how Breeze Premier can help you achieve substantial growth and operational excellence.

“Rimrock Property Management was so busy running the business that they could not grow the business. This case study shows how small Canadian property managers can use Breeze Premier to save time and think bigger, so they can scale up,” said Eric Butler.

Overall, PM Springfest 2024 was a win for both exhibitors and attendees. Sessions were packed with the latest trends and best practices in property management. The expertise of the speakers and exhibitors was evident. The trade show offered a fantastic opportunity for attendees to forge relationships and find solutions for everyday maintenance issues, legal compliance, future investments, sustainability efforts and tenant satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and share success stories in the property management industry. As an active member of the Canadian real estate market, we are dedicated to sharing industry knowledge and offering perspectives on challenges and solutions at regional, provincial and national levels.

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