Say Hello To Tarah, Junior Account Executive At Yardi


We are happy to introduce you to Tarah Rende, junior account executive on the sales team in our Toronto office. You may have met Tarah through a product demo or at one of our virtual events. She is an expert in Yardi Breeze Premier and a great team member.

It’s time to say hello to Tarah!

Tarah Rende joyfully raising arms in air

Tarah, can you tell us a little about what you do at Yardi?

I am a junior account executive. My day consists of helping our clients find the right property management solution for their business needs. I am on demos daily, exploring Breeze Premier with my clients and working with their teams to ensure we provide the right fit and solution.

How did you come to be part of the Yardi Team?

Before accepting my role at Yardi Canada, I worked as a sales manager for a real estate marketing company. So, I had a little bit of real estate experience and background. I think this helped me transition into my current role. My passion is truly in sales and marketing. I also enjoy tech innovation as it is something I have always grown up with and been around.

What do you like best about your job?

This was easy for me to answer — the product. I stand behind a product like Breeze Premier and it makes me excited because of how easy it is to use and adaptive to business needs. It truly is an excellent product with a unique set of benefits.

You’re about to celebrate your first work anniversary with Yardi. How has it been for you?

My biggest challenge would be building relationships with my team. I am normally a very outgoing positive person, and I don’t think everybody knows that about me yet and it’s because we haven’t had the opportunity to really get to know each other. We do have team game nights and teambuilding activities, but nothing beats those in-person, day-to-day interactions. 

Now that the restrictions in Ontario have started to lift, how are you going to spend your free time?

Before COVID-19, I was really involved in sports. I played soccer, volleyball, kickboxing — you name it, I was involved in it. I would also meet up with my friends for dinner weekly. Now that things are starting to open back up, I am exploring that again. During the pandemic, my friend group had to get creative with how to connect. We would host virtual social hours and virtual game nights. Another thing that we like to do is take different classes. We did a cooking class and a paint night class and those were also fun.

Have you started anything new in the pandemic?

My friends and I started a book club. We get together and chat about the books we’re reading. It’s fun. 

What book would you recommend?

We recently read The Unhoneymooners. I thought it was a great book, so I would have to say that one!

What is your favourite place to visit in Canada?

This summer, I visited The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. It is breathtaking, a little slice of paradise in Ontario.