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Compare Yardi Breeze & Yardi Voyager [INFOGRAPHIC]


Which property management platform is right for you? Find out! This helpful chart highlights the differences between Yardi Breeze and Yardi Voyager. Get the right fit for your business now to save time and effort later. And don’t forget, if you still have questions you can always get a free demo of Yardi Breeze.

Yardi Breeze vs Voyager Infographic

Two platforms with one purpose

Yardi Breeze is property management software for smaller portfolios. Yardi Voyager is designed to support larger portfolios and a wider variety of property types. There is an easy upgrade path from Breeze to Voyager, which is great news for property managers with smaller residential, commercial or mixed portfolios that they aim to grow. When you need the advanced features of Voyager, you can make the move without losing your data.

Both platforms were developed with the same end goal in mind: to make property management more efficient and more profitable for owners, investors and managers.

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Still have questions?

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