4 Perks Of Investment Management Software With Investor Portals


Gone are the days when quarterly packets of printed spreadsheet reports and mailed distribution cheques are enough to satisfy private real estate investors. Now they expect on-demand service from their partners. Investors want self-service access to key metrics, capital transactions, important documents and reports. In other words, investment management now requires instant access to information, at work or from anywhere. The good news is that Yardi Investment Manager, with its built-in investor portal, offers just that. 

Yardi Investment Manager is an optional tool available with Yardi Breeze PremierYardi Voyager or as a standalone solution. 

This article explores how Yardi Investment Manager helps you and your investors:

  • Communicate effectively online
  • Increase transparency and accuracy
  • Access investment data quickly
  • Manage portfolios on the go
Bar graph coming out of tablet to represent investment management software called Yardi Investment Manager

1. Improve communication

In the age of email, texting, video chat — you name it — investor communication is the least of your worries, right? Not quite.

The relationship between investment partners can be unusually tricky to navigate. For instance, one partner might want different data than you’re used to reporting. Sometimes you’ll have to produce custom reports for each investor. Such inefficient collaboration makes investment management tougher than it needs to be.

All investing partners benefit from a single connected tool that helps:

  • Centralize communications with existing and prospective investors
  • Send out correspondence, track activities and distribute information quickly
  • Improve internal and external collaboration 

2. Increase transparency

Yardi Investment Manager keeps all operational and financial data in one place. With everything integrated, there is no need to try and keep a separate system up to date manually. This allows you to provide timely access and accurate information to your investors. You’ll also allow investors easy access to investment and property-level metrics.

3. Streamline everything with investor portals

Yardi Investment Manager makes it easy to publish reports, tax documents, subscription agreements and more to investors through an online, branded portal. This allows your investors access to information anytime, anywhere. And since the portal can take on your company’s look and feel, you’ll cultivate an exclusive (not generic), highly professional experience for your investors.

4. Manage Yardi Investment Manager on the go

Yardi Investment Manager provides access to investor and investment information on any device. No need to dig up spreadsheets when the information is right at your fingertips! This makes it easy to have informed discussions with your team and your investors on:

  • Portfolio and investor data
  • Risk monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Fundraising stats
  • Capital deployment
  • Investor communications
  • Budgets vs. actual expenditures

Yardi Investment Manager: Get involved & get ahead

Yardi Investment Manager is a single connected solution that brings investing partners together. It puts investor portals at the centre of your investment management strategy, which moves your business away from manual processes, snail mail and spreadsheets. 

The bottom line? You’ll improve efficiency and boost investor confidence, making portfolio oversight a breeze.